About Us

Building chopper motorcycles has always been a passion and joy for me.  I have always enjoyed this activity.  I feel that when I am in the process of creating a chopper I am putting my creativity to the test. It gives me a sense of fulfillment and I feel that I have spent my time in a worthwhile activity.

Making choppers in workshopThe best part is that every time I build a chopper I feel that I have learned something new. Building choppers all throughout these years has helped me learn from mistakes and make use of better techniques. The best part is that building choppers is one activity that never tires me out.  With the passage of time I have become more experienced and have gradually mastered the art of making custom built bikes.

However, my passion is not admired or appreciated at home. My wife does not like my idea of building choppers so I feel uneasy to share my passion with her. I feel like discussing my passion and talking about what I have learned along the way. The truth is that I do not want to impose my interests on my wife and this blog is my way out. I want to find enthusiasts who share my passion of building bikes. I want to know about the opinions of different people about choppers. I want to gather insight from their knowledge and above all share my accomplishments which have somehow gone unnoticed for so long.

I feel that my blog is a way to remain connected to my passion, and I hope that I find more people who have this love for custom built bikes.