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8 Awesome Rides in the States

A Motorcycle ride has always been an exciting idea. The Americans have always enjoyed motorcycle riding and thus you can find the most awesome motorcycles in the States. We will explore all these motorcycles and find out the reason behind their popularity.

8 fabulous rides in United States

Let us unveil the best motorcycles in United States and here are the details that you should know if you are a motorcycle lover and are looking for the perfect ride.

  1. Brammo Empulse RBrammo Empulse R : The first name that comes on the list is Brammo Empulse R. This motorcycle can easily top a speed of about 100 mph and 100 miles in the range. The feel and handling of this motorcycle is much better than internal combustion equivalents and it has the inherent benefits of the electric drive. This motorcycle makes use of leading electric vehicle technology.
  2. Erik Buell Racing 1190RSErik Buell Racing 1190RS: This motorcycle can be termed as the most capable track motorcycle. What makes this bike motorcycle popular is the super speed that it has to offer, and it provides one of the best rides in the States.
  3. Zero FXZero FX:  The Zero FX is truly a star amongst the top motorcycles in the States. It is light and fast. It seems that this bike is designed to be fit even for the roughest rides. It has a speed of 85mp and that is truly awesome. What makes this motorcycle stand out is the rare combination of traditional technology and advanced technology of today. An aircraft grade aluminum frame has been used in this motorcycle for reducing the weight. Every  Zero motorcycle is optimized ground up.
  4. Rokon Trail-BreakerRokon Trail Breaker: This motorcycle offers a two wheel drive and you can take it simply anywhere. It can easily float in the water because of the presence of hollow wheels. This motorcycle can even travel to those areas where most motorcycles would not even dare to travel.
  5. Lightening Super bikeLightening Super bike: This bike is also one of the top bikes present in the States. It can even reach a speed of about 218 mph and this bike can be labeled as a very fast bike.  Anyone who loves adventure and going on rides would love to own this bike.
  6. Mission RMission R:  When you are talking about the top bikes you just cannot miss out the name of Mission R. This motorcycle can easily reach a speed of 150mph and can go up to 140 miles in the range. The Mission motorcycle want to introduce the concept of well built motorcycles that last for a long time. The Mission motorcycle has no comparison when it comes to the performance.
  7. Saxon MotorcyclesSaxon Motorcycles: This motorcycle is also manufactured in the States and has achieved a lot of acclaim because of its high performance and speed.

  8. Motus:
    When we are talking about the best motorcycle rides in MOTUS MSTStates then we cannot miss out on the name of Motus. It is the best American touring sports motorcycle that is surely fun to ride. It offers an exceptional riding experience that you would not want to miss out on.

If you love motorcycle rides then you should remember these brand names. Buying these motorcycles is the perfect investment that you would not have to regret.  These motorcycles have no comparison when it comes to the design, performance and the look of the motorcycle. The best part is that you can look forward to the best riding experience in your lifetime when you are the proud owner of one of these motorcycles. Do not miss out on the fun and get hold of your favorite motorcycles today.

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