8 Awesome Rides in the States

A Motorcycle ride has always been an exciting idea. The Americans have always enjoyed motorcycle riding and thus you can find the most awesome motorcycles in the States. We will explore all these motorcycles and find out the reason behind their popularity.

8 fabulous rides in United States

Let us unveil the best motorcycles in United States and here are the details that you should know if you are a motorcycle lover and are looking for the perfect ride.

  1. Brammo Empulse RBrammo Empulse R : The first name that comes on the list is Brammo Empulse R. This motorcycle can easily top a speed of about 100 mph and 100 miles in the range. The feel and handling of this motorcycle is much better than internal combustion equivalents and it has the inherent benefits of the electric drive. This motorcycle makes use of leading electric vehicle technology.
  2. Erik Buell Racing 1190RSErik Buell Racing 1190RS: This motorcycle can be termed as the most capable track motorcycle. What makes this bike motorcycle popular is the super speed that it has to offer, and it provides one of the best rides in the States.
  3. Zero FXZero FX:  The Zero FX is truly a star amongst the top motorcycles in the States. It is light and fast. It seems that this bike is designed to be fit even for the roughest rides. It has a speed of 85mp and that is truly awesome. What makes this motorcycle stand out is the rare combination of traditional technology and advanced technology of today. An aircraft grade aluminum frame has been used in this motorcycle for reducing the weight. Every  Zero motorcycle is optimized ground up.
  4. Rokon Trail-BreakerRokon Trail Breaker: This motorcycle offers a two wheel drive and you can take it simply anywhere. It can easily float in the water because of the presence of hollow wheels. This motorcycle can even travel to those areas where most motorcycles would not even dare to travel.
  5. Lightening Super bikeLightening Super bike: This bike is also one of the top bikes present in the States. It can even reach a speed of about 218 mph and this bike can be labeled as a very fast bike.  Anyone who loves adventure and going on rides would love to own this bike.
  6. Mission RMission R:  When you are talking about the top bikes you just cannot miss out the name of Mission R. This motorcycle can easily reach a

Chopper TV

American Chopper posterThere is no doubt about the fact that custom-built motorbikes and cars have experienced a boom in popularity because of TV shows. The TV series show these choppers with so much glamour that it encourages the audience to opt for a custom built motorbike right away. It would not be wrong to say that this growing popularity of choppers has actually benefitted the motorcycle industry and they diverted their focus to building custom bikes. When you have to really name a show that has contributed to the popularity of choppers then one name that tops the list is American Chopper.

This tv program aired back in 2003 and continued until 2010. The American choppers show is focused on the character of Paul Teutul Sr and his son popularly known as Paul Teutul Jr. They both are actively involved in the production of custom motorbikes in the show. The creative style and contrasting work of the father and son in the show became the reason of popularity of the show. The arguments between the father and the son in the show also became a reason for the popularity of the show.  The  American chopper set a very realistic impression on the onlookers because of the flawless acting and the stage was set for the show to reach the height of popularity.

What made the show unique was that it portrayed the perfect environment required for chopper production. The American Chopper was telecasted on Discovery TV and once the show got its hype the channel also sponsored bike contests that took the popularity of the show to a new level.

If you are wondering how tv shows really make their impact on the audience then the answer is that people relate and link their passion to their practical life. For example, if a person is a die hard lover of motorcycles then after watching American choppers he would be fascinated to bring and incorporate the glamour of chopper in his own custom bike.

Another important impact that the show made on the lives of the people was that it incorporated interest and awareness about choppers. The more the people got to know about choppers the more their interest increased.  It is not just the choppers that became popular after tv shows like American Chopper, even if glamorous cars are shown in shows they gain a lot of popularity amongst the audience.

If …

The Latest Motorbike Tech Trends

It’s a very good time to be a motorcycle enthusiast. I have my days when I look back on the early days of the industry with a particular fondness.

When I rub my chin and think, ‘Simpler times.’ But who am I kidding? 2017 is where it’s at. Here are some reasons why.

Augmented Reality Helmet

Augmented Reality HelmetAny Tron fans out there? If so, you’re going to love this. With one of these helmets, riders can place phone calls, play music, and operate a GPS—hands-free. It’s all thanks to advanced voice recognition technology.

Want to know the coolest feature, though? Some of these products even come with a rear-facing camera. It projects a Livestream for riders to view so that you can be acutely aware of your surroundings. Not just a neat trick—this technology could save lives.

Adaptive Headlights

Adaptive HeadlightsWe all know it; riding through the night comes with its setbacks. Especially for less experienced folk. It’s not always easy.

Your average headlight will only light up a section of the road when leaning into a corner. Potholes and other unexpected hazards often come as more than a surprise. They are practically invisible.

This is why the adaptive headlight technology is worth every penny. Next time you lean into a turn with these fitted to your ride, you won’t have to think twice about what’s ahead of you. Onboard sensors detect the angle of a turn’s lean. From there, these bright puppies calculate the best way to direct the available light.

According to some research by the American Automobile Association, this technology can offer as much as a ninety percent safety benefit. This 90% is unique to night-time crashes on curves, and so what? That’s the most dangerous time to ride!


Inertial Measurement Units were once for superbikes. Advanced technology that wasn’t necessary for standard choppers. Or, at least, it was too expensive for your average customer. Well, welcome to 2017. IMUs are what make fancy (and useful) equipment like adaptive headlights possible. They measure linear and angular motion.

Cornering and acceleration forces. You name it; these things probably have a measurement for you. IMUs have proven to be incredibly useful in ABS technology and TCE (traction control electronics). We are talking about something the size of a diamond earring… and luckily, in 2017 they don’t cost nearly as much as one. Today, all great US rides are fitted with …

Own a Bike Shop?

Opening a bike shop is not easy. That may be said on any scale. A lot of maintenance is needed. This includes shop and bikes both. Selling and repairing bikes is an appreciated business.

It requires great dedication. Look for the profit gains. You should invest accordingly. Make a scheme or a chart. Set your goals. Achieve month by month.

I’ll present you some facts in this article.

Bike Business

Bike Business Overview

The cycle business is not attractive for one thing. It is the absence of market information.
Still, the information given by CONEBI tells otherwise. It assessed the bike market to be worth $771m in 2014.

The market value of bicycle deals topped the chart in 2010. It made over $881m.
The bicycle units sold in the US were 3.6 million. The specified year is 2014. These measurements put England’s offer of the EU bike low. It put them behind Germany’s 4.1 million sold units. They are still in front of France’s 3 million bicycles.

Price Range

The typical cost of a bike in the US is near $253. It contrasts with $233 in 2013. That puts the UK tenth in the European table of bicycle costs. Netherlands is on top of the table. The estimated cost is $620.

Afterward, it is trailed by Germany. The price range starts from $388. That is including VAT. It also includes information from e-bicycles deals.

Business Expansion

The sector is exceptionally different. It includes retailers of every kind. Retailers can be divided into various classes. Bicycle MarketThe most popular being are:

  • Family/Recreation: Low to center valued bicycles. Mostly for grown-ups and youngsters.
  • Pro shops: Basically for enthusiasts and expert riders. There are mostly master e-bicycle merchants now. They are focusing on this area of the market. Standard bicycle shops are beginning to join these groups. They are including one or two e-bicycle brands into their regular advertising.
  • Contract shops/hiring: Some retailing is required. Frequently part of occasions. Areas include national parks and so on.

Business Rewards

The potential prizes are too many. They joy from running your bicycle shop can be incredible. There is a chance to work for yourself. Making money from something you are enthusiastic about is limitless. You turn into a positive piece of your nearby group.

You can work with energizing new items also. You feel satisfied. Earning less even feels good. You put in more effort. The bike business …

The 5 most scenic lakes in the United States

If you ever wonder which lakes should be visited in America, here is the list of the five most scenic lakes in the USA that you should put on your “must see” list. They will surely knock you off your feet with their stunning beauty and rich content they have to offer.


  1. Lake Tahoe, Arizona

This lake is the most popular during the winter ski season, but in the summer it is really an oasis for hiking, fishing and touring kayaks like the perception sport conduit. The bravest can swim in the cool waters of this beautiful lake while the others can enjoy balloon rides and gondola rides. And whoever wants to feel a little bit of culture, there are a couple of museums and some historic places along the lake that can be visited anytime.

  1. Lake Austin, Texas

This lake is a very popular spot for the lovers of fishing, touring kayaks and recreation. It presents the part of the Colorado River and it is a really beautiful lake – during the summer almost everyone from Austin, especially young people, seek salvation from the heat here. The interesting information is that Lake Austin makes up, along with six others, the Highland Lakes with flood control and power generation as the main purpose.

  1. Lake Michigan

Everyone who is looking for an adventure with great beaches, water sports, and hiking trails must visit this lake. It is 307 miles long and 118 miles wide and offers about 1,600 miles of coastline. Whoever likes to camp by the water, or under the beautiful sky, then this is the right place to do it. Of course, if you only want to relax there is also a plenty of resorts where you can find your peace.

  1. Lake PowellKayaks Sport

If you ever wonder what lake in the USA is the largest man-made, Lake Powell is the answer. With the 3 million visitors per year, this large gem is longer than the whole western coast of the continental United States; it is 186 miles long with a 1,960 miles of shoreline. It has more than 96 main canyons, but only a few roads lead to them, so if you want to explore this side of the lake you should look for the watercraft. Of course, Lake Powell offers rent-a-boat services (PWC’s and boats) and tour boat cruises that last from one hour to seven. For …

Starting a business the right way with these 5 tips

Are you thinking of starting your own business? Here are 5 tips that will help you to start the business the right way:

Starting a business

  1. Professional Indemnity Insurance

When looking for insurance online, as an independent contractor, one of the most important coverages you should look for is a Professional Indemnity Insurance Quote (PI Insurance). This insurance covers you, the independent contractor, against claims than may come your way. As with any other insurance, it doesn’t cover everything. The insurance does deliberate breaches, and penalties and fines are not covered as well. There are some standard exclusions in this type of insurance, which means that you might not be fully protected, and they are included in the case you choose to hold someone harmlessor extend your liability under the contract. Don’t allow your business to be exposed to liability, especially because there are cost effective solutions with which you can manage it.

  1. Ask the right questions

Nowadays, the most important factor in making your business successful is Immediate Gratification. However, starting a business means that it takes time for your business idea to prove prove itself as a good idea. Here are a few very important questions you need to ask before starting a business:

  • Is there a place for my business in the market?
  • Will I make money?
  • How will I make it?
  • What makes me different from my competitors, and who are they?

You might not like the answers you will get from these questions, but this will make all the difference, from the bad investment and the smart investment. Monitor the market for a few months, do your research and find the answers to those questions.Don’t say no to stripping your idea to its very core, and be prepared to make changes that will help you in making your future business, successful.

  1. Overestimate time and cost

When estimating the time and cost to start a business, double it and add 10%, because, in 99% of cases, it takes longer to start making money than you think. After starting your business, in the beginning you will have a feeling that you are eating, sleeping and breathing nothing else but your business, and actually, that will be the truth because starting your own business, and making it successful is probably one of the hardest things you will do in your life. That is why you must start your business with a …

Choppers – An American Love Story

Red Chopper Motorcycle

Chopper is a popular motorcycle that is either built from scratch or redesigned from an existing motorcycle for getting a unique appearance. The choppers possess long front ends and have extended forks as well. The extended forks come coupled with hardtail frames, tall ape hanger, short handlebars, stretched frames and increased rake angle. The tube set that connects the rare fender with frame is the signature feature of the choppers. Choppers have many parts that are also commonly found on the stock bikes. The only difference is that the stock bike parts are cut down to become smaller to be used in a chopper.

History of choppers

Choppers in 1950sLet us explore how choppers came on the forefront in the first place.  The first form of choppers was basically known as the bobbers. Bobbers were those motorcycles that had the heavy parts removed. For example, the fenders were not present in the Bobbers. The prime reason was to give a lighter frame to the bobbers. This also helped to drive the bobber faster. The bobbers initially came into existence back in 1940 and an initial example of bobbers is the Bob-job used by Indian scouts. The World War II also experienced a boom in bobbers. When the servicemen returned from the war they removed all those parts from their motorcycles that they found to be quite heavy. This included the fenders, front brakes and even turn indicators. The saddles were also removed for sitting low on the motorcycle frame.

The first bobber was built in America and it was a customized version of the bobber that emerged on the forefront after the second world war. There are many similarities between a bobber and chopper. The geometry of the chopper is modified through the process of welding. The earliest version of the choppers was based on the concept of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The choppers initially made use of flathead, panhead and knucklehead engines. When the new engines were available they were also utilized in the choppers. When the Japanese manufacturers offered more refined engines back in the 1960’s they were also utilized in the choppers. The motor of Honda 750-4 was popularly used in the early version of the chopper.

With the passage of time the focus of the manufacturers shifted more on acquiring a certain look of the chopper rather than performance based modifications. The styling of choppers was quite influenced by …